I was born in Oregon, USA. In 1997, when I was 17 years old, I left to travel and work in Australia, New Zealand, Southeast and South Asia. I arrived in Europe in 1999. I have been leading people on walking holidays throughout Italy and other countries and areas of the world for over 10 years now. I have the extremely good fortune of being able to combine my passion for the outdoors, travel and meeting new people with work.

Which training you have for guiding hikes
I’m a qualified Guida Ambientale Escursionistica.

What was your most beautiful encounter ?
One of my most beautiful encounters was sea-kayaking in the Milford Sound in New Zealand one evening towards dusk when I suddenly found myself gliding forward on the silky waters without paddling. Somewhat alarmed, I looked down into the water to find that my kayak was be propelled forward on the back of a dolphin. 

What is your secret to keep in shape ?
I stay in relatively good shape by running most days (when I have time), as well as walking the vast majority of days of the year, often for work, but also for pleasure. It is rather easy to lead a healthy diet in Italy, as the quality of the raw materials and food products in general is exceptional. 

Who is your role model?
I can’t think of one person in particular, but I admire anyone who is genuinely kind, inquisitive, tolerant and has a real joie de vivre.

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