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Ulrik and Maria are full time sailors and a nature lovers ! They will be your hosts on board Jolly, their beautiful and cosy sailing boat. Now back in Sunnmøre, Ulrik, Maria and their rope handler dog Ramoncito aspire to share they passion for the sea and the magnificent fjords of Norway with you.

What's the story behind Jolly Good Times Sailing ?
Ulrik : I have a Masters degree in mechanical engineering and have previously worked as a sub sea tool designer and a project manager. One day I decided to make a change in how I lived my life and to embrace freedom. I left to sail and explore the seas and met Maria. Back in 2019, we were sailing to Tenerife and we were supposed to sail into the Mediterranean. Then covid stroke and we decided to sail back to the west coast of Norway where my family is from. As we were sailing around and exploring the area, learning even more about the history of Sunnmøre and meeting lots of new and exiting characters, we agreed that it has to be more than us that would like to explore this magical landscapes. At that point we knew what we wanted and where we wanted to sail, and that was Sunnmøre. Today, I am the plumber, electrician, mechanic and the rigger on board.
Maria : After many years of working in corporative environments, the purpose of being alive was difficult to see. I needed a change. When Ulrik and I met, we realized that we were both at that point in life. We renounced to our stable and safe careers for something more meaningful that is Jolly Good Times Sailing. The idea of sharing a different way of living or travelling with people who want more than chasing down every temporary highs is something that really matters for both of us. The thought that some can get inspired by what we do while travelling with us means at lot to us, because it means that we are changing the world a little bit. :)

Why makes your job so exceptional ?
Ulrik :  I don’t know if it’s really possible to call it a job, its rather a lifestyle I would say. It is always a pleasure meeting and hosting travelers because they are are mostly very eager to explore and full of joy and excitement. This is not something you get doing a normal job. They are part of what makes us happy and I've heard that happy people live longer ! Another key factor is freedom, of course.
Maria : My job is exceptional for many reasons ! First of all, we are surrounded by the most spectacular nature, living in harmony with it and learning how to preserve it better step by step. Then of course, bringing happiness to those around us is an endless source of personal joy, which is my aim. To have a Jolly life ! Last but not least, my job allows me to be free and honest. Every itinerary we create is made with love and with the conviction that our guests will have the time of their life !

What is the most memorable expedition you took part of ? 
Ulrik : That would be sailing from Tenerife to Norway with a full boat of almost zero experienced crew. That was occasionally very exhausting, but also very rewarding to see how solid pukers turned into trustworthy sailors. I was very proud of everyone aboard including myself when we dropped the anchor on Norwegian ground for the first time. I will never forget that trip. 
Maria : The most memorable expedition I took part of was sailing from Portugal to the Canary Islands with Ulrik. It was only the 2 of us in the middle of the ocean, with the most beautiful conditions, an unmatched sky every night, dolphins around every day and the sensation of complete freedom because we were starting a new life after giving up our previous one.

What is your favorite meal ?
Ulrik : It would be a Norwegian dish called lapskaus. It’s similar to a French daube, but again not really. I also like Atlantic cod baked in a tomato sauce lots of herbs and olives. That’s always a winner and could be made onboard Jolly also practically all winter. There’s a lot of cod coming in from sea every winter to spawn in this area. Huge cods. 
Maria : My favorite meal is the catch or the find of the day ! Otherwise it would be lentils. They are comforting, warm, delicious, super nutritious and extremely versatile.  I like them cooked the Indian way, but also In the Colombian or Spanish way.

What inspires you the most in life? 
Ulrik : I get inspired from a lot of things, especially of people with a serious handicap that just live their life to the max like nothing happened. I read about a guy once that got seriously injured in a motorcycle accident and lost his arm and started with sailing. He had sailed solo with one arm for 7 years, if not longer by now. Sailing the oceans solo with one arm both impresses me and inspires me a lot to never give up. Humans are amazing and we are able to do amazing things if we want it hard enough. 
Maria : What inspires me the most in life is changes. Through them I evolve. Because in my life everything is changing rapidly – like the wind and the waves - I need to learn to adapt, I need to make myself stronger and I need to learn to identify my actual strengths and how to use them in different scenarios. That means I have to work constantly in my self-improvement and with that only good things can happen. Is not easy but it is worth it.

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