The company EXPLORA PROJECT SASU, with a capital stock of €30,000, registered in Annecy, France, under the company registration number (siren) 840 594 022, has its headquarter offices at the following address: 12 C rue du Pré Faucon, ZAE Les Glaisins, 74940 Annecy-le-Vieux (France).

  • Guarantor: APST
  • Insurance: ALLIANZ IARD, Annecy (France)
  • Travel agency license (France): Atout France IM 74180017
  • Telephone: + 33 7 85 71 45 35 (Stanislas GRUAU, CEO)
  • Business hours: Monday through Friday (09:00 – 19:00)
  • Web host: Pure Illusion (Annecy, France)


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