The Company collects and processes personal data, and is responsible for managing the aforementioned data in compliance with the laws and regulations regarding the protection of personal data.

The Company collects the following categories of personal data:

  • contact information and medical authorization for the Client or Clients,
  • identification information for the Client or Clients, including data already sent to the Company by the Client or Clients,
  • bank information for the client or Clients,
  • During any Expedition, geolocation data will be collected.


All data collected by the Company is used for the services provided the Company, as part of their requirement to properly manage personal data, for the following purposes:

  • as part of the processing, execution, and tracking of Client orders, and specifically for the following ends:
    • creating and managing Client accounts;
    • managing Client requests, orders, and reservations;
    • tracking and executing the order.
  • as part of the activities related to the services provided by the Company:
    • to continuously improve the services provided by the Company;
    • to maintain a relationship with all Clients and collect reviews and opinions;
    • to conduct campaigns for products or similar services provided by the Company;
    • to detect fraudulent activities or other security infringements relative to the services provided by the Company and for any associated legal proceedings;
    • Geolocation during an expedition to provide assistance or help to participants;
    • to reply to requests for a legal transfer of data.

The data collected by the Company is sent to service providers and Company partners in the following situations:

  • data collected to process orders and execute the services reserved are sent to Company partners with whom the reservations are made;
  • third-party providers to whom the Company has contracted for services linked to the services provided by the Company such as processing debit or credit cards, with the understanding that these third-party providers are contractually bound to protect all personal data sent to them.

To process all reservations made by Clients, the Company may need to send personal data to partners with whom reservations are made and who are located outside the European Union. In this case, only the data necessary for processing the reservation will be sent.

Data required to be able to use the services offered by the Company are marked with an asterisk.


All data processing is based upon the following legal base:

  • execution of a contract between the Client and the Company;
  • the legitimate interests of the Company in seeking to process the reservations made by a Client for other participants;
  • the legitimate interests of the Company regarding the use of data as part of the activities linked to the services described above.

In compliance with the applicable laws and regulations, the Client, as well as other participants, can exercise the following rights relative to their personal data, within the conditions and limits provided by the aforementioned regulations:

  • the right to access, rectify, oppose, or delete;
  • the right to limit processing;
  • the right to data portability;
  • the Client’s right to define his or her directives relative to saving, deleting, and sending their personal data after the Client is deceased.

The Client can exercise these rights by sending a message to the following electronic mail address:

The Client has the legal right to modify his or her personal data by logging into his or her Client account.

The Client is informed that it is possible to make a claim with the appropriate authorities (the CNIL - National Commission on Information Technology and Liberty) in France.

The Client’s identification data is saved during the entire duration of the contractual relationship. All contact data (such as an electronic mail address) for the Client are saved for a three-year duration starting from the end of the contractual relationship.

The data required for all legal obligations are saved in compliance with the regulatory framework in effect (especially French Sales Laws, Civil Laws, and Consumer Laws).

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