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Our 4 Corporate & Incentive programs

In your office...

2-hour seminar and film showing with you and your staff!

2-hour seminar and film showing with you and your staff!

Explora Project staff will come to your offices for a 2h hour seminar to show films of our expeditions and to discuss our exploration projects and programs: Sweden, Iceland, Canada, and many other remote destinations in the future!

Our stories about explorers cover several themes that drive a company’s success: teamwork, expertise, respect for others and their differences, managing stress, and crisis management.

Our goal: to inspire you and your staff!


Expedition workshops in your office !

Expedition workshops in your office !

After a brief introduction by our teams and a training on the basic rules to be followed in expeditions (materials, orientation, safety), you will be led through small workshops to decide how to proceed so that your virtual expedition takes place best possible and you can reach your meeting point before dark!

A corporate games to discover the issues of an expedition in an isolated environment and create a positive emulation within your teams!

... or Outdoor !

Privatize an expedition for you and your staff.

Privatize an expedition for you and your staff.

Privatize one of our Introduction Programs in France (4 days & 3 nights) for you and your staff, and experience a unique adventure where you will learn to live in harmony with the great outdoors and push beyond your limits while working as a team to finish the expedition!

Participants: 5 to 50 people (from the same company)

Next trip: January – April, Vercors Ski & Pulk*, 4 days

Objective: build cohesiveness among your staff through a truly EXTRAORDINARY experience!

Price: upon request

*Pulk sled

Tailor your unique experience !

Tailor your unique experience !

Offer your company the tranquility of a tailor-made service.

Build a project that suits you, with our experts, and instill this taste of sporting challenge, respect for the environment and learning exploration techniques at the right dosage!

Our expertise can be deployed in all regions of France and elsewhere on the format and duration you want!

Productions photos & videos, Intervention of a recognized explorer, incredible place, night in tent or night in a shelter, we will help you build the experience of a lifetime for your employees!

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