We offer the opportunity to embark on self-guided expeditions to the most remote corners of the planet.

Preparation. Become your very own guide through pre-expedition training. Once at the expedition location, professional guides will provide all the technical training you need for the upcoming adventure. Preparation clinics usually last from 1 to 3 days.

Difficulty. No need to be Mike Horn’s long lost child to embark on one of our expeditions. All you need is the endurance to spend several hours per day venturing through the great outdoors and the mental fortitude to face the unexpected from one bivy site to the next.


Logistics. We are always on location and manage the gear for the wide variety of activites as well as the logistics for every transfer. Explora Project Base Camps are set up at strategic waypoints along the expedition and include heated tents, an internet connection, as well as fresh meals.

Expedition. Once we equip you with tents, freeze-dried food, GPS devices, and maps, it’s go time for an incredible adventure! A group start, a unique experience. Choose your own route and travel at your own pace. There is no requirement to stay together as a group.

3 types of explorations

  • Reconnaissance

    Duration: 4 to 15 days
    Location: International
    Participants: 3, plus Explora Project Staff
    Level: Depends on the expedition

    Go behind the scences with Explora Project staff to experience firsthand how they put together an international expedition!

  • Discovery Expeditions

    Duration: 2-4 days
    Location: France
    Participants: 15 to 20 people
    Level: Beginner

    Anyone can do it! No worries!

  • International Expeditions

    Duration: 10 days minimum 
    Location: International
    Participants: 20 to 30 people
    Level: Expert

    For athletic individuals in search of a new experience!

Our 3 promises

# 1 - Protect & respect the environment

# 1 - Protect & respect the environment

. Apply "Leave No Trace" principles on all of our expeditions.
. Member of 1% For The Planet since our inception.
. Become carbon-neutral by 2021.

#2 - Help you to become the best version of yourself

#2 - Help you to become the best version of yourself

. Personal devlopment coaching before and after the expedition.
. Transformative journey.

#3 - Build an EPIC* explorer community

#3 - Build an EPIC* explorer community

. Embark on a truly extraordinary experience.
. Enjoy a breathtaking adventure.

*EPIC: Explora Project International Club

Meet our team!

  • Stan, Founder & CEO
    • 10 years  experience Commodities Trading
    • Ironman triathlete & ultramarathon trail runner
    • Holds record for fastest time running across France from north to south
    • 4 Deserts Ultramarathon Series (Chile, 2018)
    • Graduated from top-ranked EDHEC Business School (France)
    • 31 years old

    @stan_run (Instagram)

  • Camille, Expedition Coordinator & Head of Communications
    • Professional Adventure Guide & Musher in Canada
    • Writer (travel books), journalist, blogger
    • Spent 8 years exploring the cultures and meeting with the the peoples of our beautiful planet: Australia, New Zealand, Latin America, and Canada
    • Graduated from EFAP (France)
    • 32 years old

    @danslavalisedecamille (instagram)

  • Julien, Head of Ground Operations
    • 18 years in French Special Forces
    • Officer
    • Chasseur Alpin (French elite mountain infantry)
    • Graduated from EMIA
    • 36 years old


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