Explora Project selected for the Voyage Privé start-up contest 2019! 🏆

Article @ Tour Hebdo by Didier Forray


The seventh edition of Tremplins by Voyage Privé will take place on May 16th in Aix-en-Provence (13). Meet the six start-ups selected for Summer Camp 2019.


App available on Android

Founder: Arnaud Legout.

Pitch: This application allows its users to measure their level of exposure to electromagnetic waves generated by connected devices, including WiFi routers and hotspots but also cellular antennas and Bluetooth speakers. The app also gives practical tips to reduce its exposure.

Where are they? According to Google Play, the app has been downloaded over 100,000 times. An update was put online last April 15th.

Explora Project


Founder: Stanislas Gruau.

Pitch: this travel agency is positioning itself on the adventure travel segment by organizing "micro-expeditions" in Europe. Explora Projet offers trips of 2 to 8 days in autonomy, for example in the Mont-Blanc massif or by bike in Montenegro.

Where are they? The start-up carried out a first fundraiser in the summer of 2018 and settled in the Annecy Base Camp Incubator. She has just been elected a recipient of the Sponsorship of the Outdoor Sports Valley Business Cluster.

=> We were talking about Stanislas Gruau and Explora Project in the number 1598 (December 2018) of Tour Hebdo.

Day Pass


Founder: Alex Mayol.

Pitch: The idea of ​​this Miami-based start-up is to allow app users access to hotel facilities during the day, including private beaches, pools, gyms and spas . For hotels, the Day Pass generates a new source of income.

Where are they? The hotel offering now covers a dozen destinations around the world from Paris to Los Angeles via Miami, Marrakech, Dubai, Bali, Phuket and Hong Kong.

Globe Dreamers


Founders: Martin Gaston-Dreyfus and Augustin Aoudjhane (who left the start-up since).

Pitch: Globe Dreamers is a crowdfunding platform dedicated to "committed journeys", be it humanitarian, environmental, professional, sports or artistic projects.

Where are they? Launched in 2014, the project has since rotated from a generalist position, open to all travel, to a more focused positioning, focused on travel. A dozen projects have been funded to date, with a maximum collection of almost € 5,500 for one of the files.



Founders: Thibault Descombes and Florian Garibal.

Pitch: As the name suggests, Flybot is a chatbot dedicated to finding flights. The robot, accessible on Messenger, can serve as a source of inspiration, proposing destinations that match the tastes of each. Flybot is also responsible for finding the cheapest travel dates.

Where are they? The team is working on expanding its community of users, including via Facebook. Flybot has just launched a competition to make themselves known.



Founders: Linley Tanner and Arielle Meyer.

Pitch: This site and this application are presented as a social network specialized in travel. Users can follow their friends' journeys and prepare their own departures.

Where are they? The company remains based on two continents, with a presence in Mauritius and an office in the Station F incubator in Paris.

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