Our concept

Explora Project specializes in organizing 3 to 12-day self-guided expeditions to the most remote regions of our planet.

We will train and prepare you for an incredible adventure. You will achieve the extraordinary, meet unique people like yourself, and embark on a truly unique and fulfilling experience.

  • Preparation & training

    Once you arrive, spend 1 to 3 days training and preparing for the expedition with professional guides before the real adventure begins.

  • Base Camps

    Camps are established at key waypoints during the expedition. After a group start, every participant has the freedom to choose their own route, travel at their own pace, and experience the adventure in their own unique style. You are under no obligation to stay with the group.

  • Multi-activity

    The environment and terrain dictate the mode of locomotion to use: hiking, mountain biking, packrafting, skiing, kite surfing….!

  • Logistical Support

    In addition to supplying all of the requisite technical gear, the Explora Project team will be nearby throughout the entire expedition to provide assistance if needed.

  • Live-tracking

    We use GPS devices to track you from start to finish and to broadcast your progress in real time for your friends, family, and community to be able to follow you throughout the expedition.

Expeditions for every level

Expeditions for every level


Find our 5 levels of difficulty adapted to each physical level and taking into account the technical level of the expedition as well as the type of environment crossed.

Discovering, surpassing or to surpass oneself, there is something for all, provided you are motivated and ready to train!



They're talking about us

  • "'Living the dream instead of dreaming about how you would like to live,’ could be Explora Project’s motto. I wholeheartedly share their vision and mission; it is a very worthy endeavor!"

    Matthieu Tordeur
    Adventurer & Speaker

  • "Explora Project is the kind of initiative I fully support. Self-guided extreme expeditioning is the pure essence of authentic exploration, a lifetime achievement. Good luck with your preparation folks, be strong mentally and physically, and see you on the ocean! "

    Olly Hicks,
    World record breaking rower & Speaker

  • "I am proud to support and help Explora Project grow, because exploring our amazing planet in self-guided mode will always be a truly unforgettable life-changing experience!"

    Jean Troillet 
    Professional Mountain Climber

  • "I took a mountaineering course with Explora Project, and in a word, I loved it! Camille provided me with encouragement and great advice from start to finish! Thanks so much. I look forward taking on another challenge soon!"

    Anouchka, France
    Vercors 2019 participant

  • "I signed up for the Iceland Crossing 2019 expedition to be able to tell my daughters the story of a truly extraordinary adventure."

    Kewin, Switzerland
    Iceland 2019 Participant

  • "I’ve been consistently impressed with Explora Project’s leadership. They are incredibly passionate, knowledgeable, and bring true joy to the great outdoors."

    Greg, USA

"Our goal is to provide you with the powerful, life-changing experience of an expedition. All of us ordinary, everyday people deserve to embark upon truly extraordinary adventures. We are born to feel exhilaration, born to be moved.” 

Stanislas Gruau, Founder & CEO

Our story

  • Custom Private Adventures

    Bachelor & bachelorette experiences, birthdays, and more. Embark on a truly unforgettable experience!

  • Corporate & Incentive

    Inspire, build teamwork, and motivate your employees.

  • Gift cards

    Offer a truly unique gift through an extraordinary transformational experience.

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